Posted on 16-Apr-2019

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Where do high levels of nitrate in vegetables come from?

In a world where demand is high, farmers have to do whatever they can to grow enough vegetables to meet it. Sometimes, this leads to the use of nitrogen fertilizers, as it helps the vegetables to grow faster. Making more vegetables in a shorter amount of time is great. But the risk is that some vegetables may have higher levels of nitrate than others causing them to be unsafe to eat. This can also occur when vegetables don’t have the sunlight exposure. Nitrate levels in some vegetables can build up if they’re grown in low light environments.

Nitrate poisoning can be a serious problem and research has proven that it can lead it cancer. Methemoglobinemia is a blood disorder that inhibits the distribution of oxygen throughout the body and can be caused by nitrate poisoning. So don’t take the risk! Ensure that you are providing yourself and your family with vegetables and fruits that are not only nutrient dense, but also safe to eat.
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