Posted on 12-Apr-2019


EcoVisor F4 – Four functions in one device:

• Nitrate Tester - Measurement of nitrate levels in vegetables and fruits;

• Dosimeter - Measurement of the level of radiation background;

• Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF meter) - Search for zones with increased Electromagnetic Radiation;

• Total Dissolved Solids (TDS meter) - Determination quality of Water.

SOEKS EcoVisor F4 is a real home-based laboratory that combines 4 functions into one device! It’s an easy and convenient way to protect your family’s health. EcoVisor F4 is an advanced type of technology that combines all of our high-end SOEKS products. With its excellent state-of-the-art design and brilliant ergonomics, we can fairly call it our most innovative product.

The EcoVisor body is made from a satin-coated material with rubberized side parts. The touch screen improves control and creates more visual interface. SOEKS EcoVisor is easy to use even for an inexperienced user. The new version of the EcoVisor can be connected to a computer; This will allow you to easily update the firmware after purchasing the device. EcoVisor F4 already has the accumulators installed and is supplied with a proprietary charging device as well as a cable for connecting to a computer.
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